In his book The Road Ahead, about the creation of the largest company of the world, William H.Gates, III, made forecasts regarding as it would be the use of Internet. See the forecasts:

"The companies of financial services will still prosper. The basic economy will change, with the volume of transactions will speed up when the computers road gives to the average consumer the access to the finance markets." 

"The progress in productivity pushed society forward and it is just a matter of time before the average human being in a developed country be in many way richer that he or she can be today. The availability of communications and computers almost free of charge will change relationships between nations and between social and economic groups within nations." 

"The highway of information will take opportunity also across borders, towards developing countries. Cheap communications can bring people from any place to the core of world economy." 
"The result will be a healthier world with more stability." 

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